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Balestier Road-It Goes Way Back

This is where Balestier is in Singapore, it is near Novena and Toa Payoh

And this is where all the Landmarks I have talked about are in a map

Landmark to Visit-Whampoa Market

This is Whampoa Market, it can be found her, just outside Balestier
Whampoa Market is an extremely big market where there are many stalls, they sell many things as well, such as food, toys, fish, turtles, plants, clothes, etc. And there are more workers than there are stalls! It is really popular amongst those living near it, they go there to buy their groceries, especially the elderly. 
This market is very old and most of the hawkers there have been working there for a very long time. Most of the elderly have fond memories in Whampoa Market, thus, they go back there for groceries instead of supermarkets. 

Landmark to Visit-Balestier Market

This is Balestier Market, it can be found near Shaw Plaza, here in Balestier
Balestier Market is a market which has many things to eat such as fried rice, noodles, and more. There are quite a few stores in Balestier Market for you to choose your meals from. At the front of the market itself the market's name "Balestier Market" is put in between two lion statues. 
Balestier used to be a rural area and this market was built in the 1920s to cater to farmers nearby who needed a place to sell their produce. It was also known locally as the Or Kio market, which translates to "black bridge" market, since there was a black bridge along Whampoa River that connected Ah Hood road (off Balestier Road) to Lorong 8 Toa Payoh. Many shops in the area are also named after the bridge. However, despite renovation in 1999, it eventually lost out to the bigger Whampoa market. Also known affectionately as the Tua Pah Sat, it translates to the big market. Many stallholders decided to retire when the market closed in 2004. Today, it is the only remaining 'rural' market on mainland Singapore but is now converted to some sort of coffeehouse, selling delicious local fare.

Landmark to Visit-Shaw Plaza

This is Shaw Plaza, it can be found here in Balestier
Shaw Plaza is a Movie Cineplex where you can watch many movies, it is also a shopping centre. It has a supermarket in the basement and a few fast food restaurants on the 1st level. It also has a sports shop on the 1st leve and has a furniture shop and a lighting shop on the 2nd level. And on the 4th level, there is the ticketing booths and snacks stand, along with 2 Japanese food restaurants. And on the top level, there are the Movie Theatres, there are a few theatres on that level as well. And luckily for tourists, there is a bus stop on the 1st level, with many buses stopping there, making it convenient to travel there.
This Cineplex is run by the Shaw Brothers, and before Shaw Plaza was constructed, there was another Movie Theatre located at that exact spot, it was called Hoover Theatre. Hoover Theatre was opened in 1960 by Shaw Organisation. It was located at 360 Balestier Road, at the junction of Jalan Ampas and Balestier Road. It was renamed the Hoover Live Theatre and, subsequently, the New Hoover Cinema. In 1996, it closed down to make way for the construction and development of Shaw Plaza – Twin Heights. During its 36 years of history, Hoover Theatre functioned not only as a cinema screening Chinese, English and Indian movies but also as a live-show theatre and a church.