Monday, March 21, 2011

Landmark to Visit-Shaw Plaza

This is Shaw Plaza, it can be found here in Balestier
Shaw Plaza is a Movie Cineplex where you can watch many movies, it is also a shopping centre. It has a supermarket in the basement and a few fast food restaurants on the 1st level. It also has a sports shop on the 1st leve and has a furniture shop and a lighting shop on the 2nd level. And on the 4th level, there is the ticketing booths and snacks stand, along with 2 Japanese food restaurants. And on the top level, there are the Movie Theatres, there are a few theatres on that level as well. And luckily for tourists, there is a bus stop on the 1st level, with many buses stopping there, making it convenient to travel there.
This Cineplex is run by the Shaw Brothers, and before Shaw Plaza was constructed, there was another Movie Theatre located at that exact spot, it was called Hoover Theatre. Hoover Theatre was opened in 1960 by Shaw Organisation. It was located at 360 Balestier Road, at the junction of Jalan Ampas and Balestier Road. It was renamed the Hoover Live Theatre and, subsequently, the New Hoover Cinema. In 1996, it closed down to make way for the construction and development of Shaw Plaza – Twin Heights. During its 36 years of history, Hoover Theatre functioned not only as a cinema screening Chinese, English and Indian movies but also as a live-show theatre and a church. 

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